Jump Boxx – Uptown Mirdiff

I know a lot of moms are very cautious when it comes to what and where kids play. I, for one, always worry when letting my kid play on a trampoline as a bad landing may cause serious injury. I also don’t like that some play areas (will not disclose the names) have unsupervised trampolines and having more than one child jumping on it can be dangerous. I never liked trampolines and always hesitate to allow my kid to do it.

But at Jump Boxx , it is easier for cautious Moms like me to let the kids jump away all day!

I managed to get a snap of the arena from the VIP section on the second floor.

Before the kids are brought to the arena, they watched a video to give them guidelines on how to use the trampolines safely.

I like that there are several trampolines and each child can freely enjoy her own.

This the open-jump arena.

The kids are supervised by a coach during their activities. Here are other activities in the arena.


Slam Dunk


Foam Pit

There is also a soft play area for kids under 5 years old.

If you haven’t been to Jump Boxx, click here for more info on hours and prices.



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