Ski Dubai

It is summer time! What better way to beat the heat in Dubai than spending a day at -4 degrees?

On my daughter’s 5th birthday, we decided to have a family day at Ski Dubai. Here’s a recap of our recent visit!

We started with ski lessons. Adults and kids do it at the same time but in separate groups. Kids have a much steeper and longer slope than adults, which I think is more fun than ours! I honestly wanted to move to the kids’ group.

It is amazing just watching the kids ski down the slope. My daughter enjoyed it. She wanted to stay a bit longer but the class is only for an hour.

After ski lessons, we had hot chocolate.

Then we went and enjoyed the rides.

First, the Snow Bumper.

Then we went tubing run altogether. This was really fun.

Then we went sledding. We didn’t like it that much. Too bumpy!

Then we tried the Zorb Ball. This little girl just jumped right in and was brave to go alone.

Several rides later, we were hungry and exhausted. So we head out to North28 for a lovely lunch. It was nice to get warm, rest for a bit and enjoy a delicious meal with the family.

Then an hour an a half later, we went back in to check out more activities. No extreme rides yet coz we just had food.

We walked around at the snow park.

The next one is our favorite ride! I can’t even remember how many times we took the chairlift. The little one was thrilled and amazed by the ride.

On our last ride, my hubby and I took the Snow Bullet zip line. Kids are not allowed on it. One of the staff offered to watch our kid so we can try it. It was awesome! Too bad my phone had already ran out of battery and we didn’t get a photo.

The highlight of our day at Ski Dubai was the 40-min penguin encounter. We met Walle, a king penguin.

Our little girl was amazed by this creature. Look how she held his flippers!

My daughter asked for a penguin as a pet after meeting Walle. She even had ideas on how to fill our home with ice. But since we can’t really bring him home, we got her a soft toy as a keepsake.


Planning to have a fun summer activity with the family? Check out Ski Dubai Website for more information.


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