Ear Piercing

I made a conscious decision not to pierce my daughter’s ears when she was born. My hubby supported the idea. I talked about it on my previous blog post 2 years ago. I wanted ear-piercing to be a rite of passage. She surprised us when she requested to get her ears pierced before she turned 5. I had to explain and show her how it is done. I also warned her that it will cause a bit of discomfort. She was eager and excited to do it.

We chose to do it at KYRA located at Gold and Diamond Park. They offer tandem piercing which is recommended for youngsters so they get both ears pierced at the same time. This will ensure your kid  will definitely get both ears pierced. We do not want the experience to be frightening and usually some kids back out after the first shot. So tandem piercing is definitely recommended. We booked the appointment online and brought her there.

 I love that we made the experience something special and memorable for her.

We let her choose her earrings.

 Topical anesthesia was applied.

We waited for a bit.

When it was time, she eagerly sat on the chair.

It took about 5 mins to mark her ears, prepare the piercing guns and get it done.

No tears, No fuss. She got her Certificate of Bravery in no time.

Another one for her memory book!

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