About Me

12670427_10153322927720686_2984849220487420750_nMy name is Zarina. I’m a 30-something Filipino expat living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Married. A Mom to a bubbly little girl. I am a Taurean. A radiant Introvert. A Happy Soul  by choice.

I have always been very passionate about sharing stuff on social media however, I only started blogging in 2013. I was pregnant at the time and had a full-time job in the Aviation Industry. The company I was working for in Dubai was shutting down right about the same time I was going to give birth. I had a lot of idle time on my computer thinking of where I should go and what my next job was going to be. I was excited to begin my journey as a Mother but was so worried of being jobless. I’m sure some of you can understand that being in a dual income family is never easy. My husband and I put our efforts together in raising a small family. We earn decent salaries in our jobs but we cannot afford to stay here if one of us becomes unemployed. But instead of stressing myself with the inevitable loss of employment, I started blogging about my pregnancy. I had to counter the negativity and stress by sharing good vibrations. I believe in the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking. I just focused on the good things. And then luckily, without so much effort in the job-hunt, I got myself a job that offered a decent paycheck and gave me much more time for my baby. Thank heavens!

I went MIA (missing in action) for about 2 years after giving birth. My domain expired and I forgot the passwords to most of my social media accounts. Life in the last 2 years was basically a roller coaster ride. I have gone through a major reset as a person. It seemed like everything was happening so fast and all at the same. I changed my job. I had a baby. We hired a nanny. The Nanny left. We then had to bring our 1 and a half year old daughter to a nursery. Crazy things happened so fast it was darn stressful. However, Moms do adjust fairly quickly so I am back sharing my journey with you through this blog.

I still have a 9-5 job but this time I have a couple of sidelines that include managing an Online Toy Store , distributing Health and Beauty products and selling Pre-loved Goodies. I would be grateful if you can support a Mom by ordering your kids’ toys and gifts from Toys DXB and also try some of the products from Forever Living. I personally use some of their products and I will be posting reviews on my blog.

For more information and shop inquiries, please drop me an email: zarinasjournal@gmail.com