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An Apology to my Husband

Dear Husband, I guess it is safe to say that we have been Tom & Jerry in the past few years. I think we know by now that turning me into a Mother was a terrible idea. Despite the fact that I brag about my multi-tasking skills, I was not really good at it because… Continue reading An Apology to my Husband

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Life Happens

In life, we don’t always get what we want no matter how much we try and how much we want it. There are things that just happen unexpectedly whether we like it or not. People say “You get what you deserve” but that doesn’t really apply to everything that happens in life, does it? Like for… Continue reading Life Happens

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Your Life is Just Beginning

The world is big but your path crossed mine We discovered a love that is so divine Our friendship blossomed and stayed together Those memories, I will treasure forever The years were filled with love and passion We never lost the sweet loving affection Until the end, when we are miles apart You will always have a… Continue reading Your Life is Just Beginning