Ear Piercing

I made a conscious decision not to pierce my daughter’s ears when she was born. My hubby supported the idea. I talked about it on my previous blog post 2 years ago. I wanted ear-piercing to be a rite of passage. She surprised us when she requested to get her ears pierced before she turned … Continue reading Ear Piercing


Mini Art Exhibit

Parents were invited to the nursery to get a glimpse of the fun activities and amazing artworks of our little ones. After a 2-month summer camp, my kid is moving up to big school. On this day, she showed me her crafts and artworks displayed in a mini exhibit. These tie-dye shirts were used by … Continue reading Mini Art Exhibit

Interview with THE NATIONAL

I would like to share this newspaper clip from today's issue of THE NATIONAL. I was interviewed along with other moms regarding our experience in securing school places for our kids this coming school year. Read it on Page 1 and 6 I hope everyone has secured places in the schools and enjoying the summer … Continue reading Interview with THE NATIONAL

Cassie Cat Trunki

We got our daughter a Trunki for Christmas. It was one of the things she wished for that Santa would bring her. And because we were also going to travel to Manila, I was eager to get one for her. I didn't want to bring a stroller because I knew it would be difficult to … Continue reading Cassie Cat Trunki

Totally Random!

My daughter is a very curious kid. The moment she starts learning new things from school, she shares it with us at home and it becomes a topic of conversation for a couple of days. The nursery recently took the kids to a fire station. That fueled her curiosity about community helpers and the role … Continue reading Totally Random!

Mommy Duty: De-cluttering Toys

My 4-year old has accumulated a massive collection of toys and costumes, thanks to family and friends, who shower her with gifts very often. Organizing could be a challenge so my daughter and I agreed to de-clutter and organize her toys last weekend. Of course convincing a kid to get rid of toys took a … Continue reading Mommy Duty: De-cluttering Toys

Star Chart

We started using a star chart when my daughter was 3 years old. At first I was very skeptical that it would actually work on a toddler but lo' and behold! it is one of the best thing I introduced in our household. To give you an idea, here's our first star chart: The Star … Continue reading Star Chart