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Toddler and an iPad

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed observing little kids at the malls and restaurants. There was some sort of trend with families eating together. Some parents give the kids their iPad to keep them busy so both Mommy and Daddy can enjoy a meal peacefully. I have to admit that at the time, I have… Continue reading Toddler and an iPad

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Losing the Pregnancy Weight

Some time after my daughter’s second birthday, I have stopped saying “I just had a baby” as if it was some sort of free pass for my un-kept hair, unmanicured nails, bad fitting clothes and bulges in the wrong places. It took about 106 “fat jokes”, 3 online order returns and 1 unforgettable incident of being… Continue reading Losing the Pregnancy Weight

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My Toddler’s First Bicycle 

As you may already know, it is sunny in Dubai all year round and the temperature rises to about 50C at the peak of the summer. The temperature gets better during the winter months which starts in December. I personally could not stand the heat and only enjoy the outdoors this time of year. What’s… Continue reading My Toddler’s First Bicycle