Ear Piercing

I made a conscious decision not to pierce my daughter’s ears when she was born. My hubby supported the idea. I talked about it on my previous blog post 2 years ago. I wanted ear-piercing to be a rite of passage. She surprised us when she requested to get her ears pierced before she turned … Continue reading Ear Piercing


My Creative Kid

My daughter showed interest in Arts and Crafts at Age 2 and a half. Colorful pens and crayons kept her busy. I remember when she was 3, I took her to a toy store and told her she can choose whatever she wants. She roamed around for a bit then decided she wanted a pair … Continue reading My Creative Kid

Brought Home Teddy for a Day

All moms love talking about their kids. And why not? These little children may drive us mad with the mess in our homes and the tantrums they throw every now and then, but they bring us immeasurable happiness and purpose everyday. As for me, I love writing about memorable events on my blog. Something my … Continue reading Brought Home Teddy for a Day

The Sneaky Mouse

Meet the Sneaky Mouse So sneaky to get in your house It waits for left overs in your feast Then takes a bite from your abandoned cheese It hides its filth in a creepy dark hole plotting its way to dig in your casserole ***to be continued ****To be continued... 😜

Cassie Cat Trunki

We got our daughter a Trunki for Christmas. It was one of the things she wished for that Santa would bring her. And because we were also going to travel to Manila, I was eager to get one for her. I didn't want to bring a stroller because I knew it would be difficult to … Continue reading Cassie Cat Trunki

On Father’s Day

Growing up, my father was constantly away for work. At an early age I never really understood how it must have felt like to be away from the family. I remember having awesome family days with him whenever he came home. We would open lots of presents, boxes of chocolates and we would go to … Continue reading On Father’s Day

To All Moms like Me

Life has many twists and turns. At some point in time, we all get busy with life's daily tasks. For me, the biggest turn was becoming a mother. It is the most humbling experience of my life. Now that my daughter is 4, here's how my day goes. I wake up, prepare lunch boxes, then … Continue reading To All Moms like Me