On Father’s Day

Growing up, my father was constantly away for work. At an early age I never really understood how it must have felt like to be away from the family. I remember having awesome family days with him whenever he came home. We would open lots of presents, boxes of chocolates and we would go to … Continue reading On Father’s Day


An Apology to my Husband

Dear Husband, I guess it is safe to say that we have been Tom & Jerry in the past few years. I think we know by now that turning me into a Mother was a terrible idea. Despite the fact that I brag about my multi-tasking skills, I was not really good at it because … Continue reading An Apology to my Husband

You are No. 1!

I am so grateful and lucky to grow up with a loving Daddy You are the best man in the hearts of three Your two daughters and your caring Wifey! When I was young I never thought life could be so tough For all your sacrifices we can never thank you enough You always work … Continue reading You are No. 1!

Happy Birthday Sister

On your special day, I miss you more than any other day I wish I'm there to cheer, Happy birthday to you my dear Today you're a year older, But you'll always be my little sister I'm thankful to have a sibling So caring, fun and loving I wish you everything wonderful To always live … Continue reading Happy Birthday Sister

Happy Birthday My Dearest Friend

For many years I struggled to find, Someone like you, but you're one of a kind Together, I can be me and you can be you We shared the good times and the bad times too We laughed and we cried We snuck out and we lied Had a bottle or two Some vodka and some … Continue reading Happy Birthday My Dearest Friend

To My Loving Mom

You taught me how to walk, One baby step at a time You always made sure that I am doing fine Every step of the way, you held my hand From the time I could crawl, until I can stand When I grew up, I needed you less You worried a lot that I would … Continue reading To My Loving Mom

Happy Birthday My Love

Once a year I get the chance to wish you a birthday cheer. It pleases me so much that I get to spend with you another year. I want to thank you for the love, respect and care I’m so grateful that you are always there Each year we grow older And it reminds us … Continue reading Happy Birthday My Love