Brought Home Teddy for a Day

All moms love talking about their kids. And why not? These little children may drive us mad with the mess in our homes and the tantrums they throw every now and then, but they bring us immeasurable happiness and purpose everyday. As for me, I love writing about memorable events on my blog. Something my … Continue reading Brought Home Teddy for a Day


To All Moms like Me

Life has many twists and turns. At some point in time, we all get busy with life's daily tasks. For me, the biggest turn was becoming a mother. It is the most humbling experience of my life. Now that my daughter is 4, here's how my day goes. I wake up, prepare lunch boxes, then … Continue reading To All Moms like Me

On my 34th

My birthday is coming in a few days. My photo posted on the office bulletin board has been a constant reminder of my age. I can't help but feel nostalgic. Taylor Swift's song titled 22 keeps ringing in my head and got me thinking of those carefree years. It makes me smile. Time has really … Continue reading On my 34th

Midnight Thoughts

It's past 12 midnight and I am laying in bed with a dim light on my bedside. My body says I had a long day and I'm tired but my brain is scattered like confetti. I have been thinking about how stressful it is to be a Mom. Add the word "working" before "Mom". And … Continue reading Midnight Thoughts

Pet Peeves

Most people may have a long list of pet peeves but I only have a few. One of them seems strange to others. Here it is: I get annoyed when I see empty medicine blister packs. Whenever I take a tab, I always make sure I cut the empty part and return the packet back … Continue reading Pet Peeves

“Full-time Moms” – All Mothers Are!

I always come across posts, blogs and group comments online about women who call themselves “full-time moms” and how tiring but rewarding the role is. Then I said wait a minute, are they referring to Moms who stayed home and didn’t leave the house to work? So does this make me a Part-time mom? I … Continue reading “Full-time Moms” – All Mothers Are!

Why I Really Blog?

1. Blogging makes me feel connected to the world all the time! Oftentimes, I publish my blog posts through my mobile phone. 2. I’d like my kid to read my blog someday. (One reason I have certain limitations to what I discuss in here and avoid speaking “french”  *wink*, but maybe I should reconsider!) 3. … Continue reading Why I Really Blog?