The Sneaky Mouse

Meet the Sneaky Mouse So sneaky to get in your house It waits for left overs in your feast Then takes a bite from your abandoned cheese It hides its filth in a creepy dark hole plotting its way to dig in your casserole ***to be continued ****To be continued... 😜



I danced in the rhythm of the rain, So gracefully as though I felt no pain I watched the two birds fly up in the sky And the breeze whispered "dear lady please don't cry" The wind blew the leaves of the Mahogany tree They all fell down just like me The colorful wings of … Continue reading Lost

My Imaginary Man

Waiting for him to find me one day... "Run away with me Princess" He would say, The man I would eventually call "Mine" That day I'd stop asking for a sign The same man I've always known in my heart A creation of my imagination from the start I made him up long time ago Deep … Continue reading My Imaginary Man

Your Life is Just Beginning

The world is big but your path crossed mine We discovered a love that is so divine Our friendship blossomed and stayed together Those memories, I will treasure forever The years were filled with love and passion We never lost the sweet loving affection Until the end, when we are miles apart You will always have a … Continue reading Your Life is Just Beginning

Marry Me Please??!!!

He comes close when I try to let go Day after day, he whispers I LOVE YOU In this cruel world He and I feel the same You try to break our relationship, Oh girl have a little shame! You're stealing my man for your own personal reasons For getting over your past tragic relations You … Continue reading Marry Me Please??!!!

Tonight I Write the Saddest Lines

Tonight I can write the saddest lines, Feeling empty deep inside of me... Wishing I'm in a place that exists only in my memory That's where you are, that's where u love me... Tonight I can write the saddest lines, Waiting in vain for the love I can call my own Days go by, hoping … Continue reading Tonight I Write the Saddest Lines