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Pharmaceris Products

Since I have been buying all meds and formula from the pharmacy down the building, I have now become friends with the pharmacist. Since day one when I met her, she has been giving me testers of different products. And for some time I've been receiving some free Pharmaceris sample sachets.  I didn't use it… Continue reading Pharmaceris Products

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Forever Living Skin Care

Hello ladies. I promised to do a review of these products from Forever Living.   Firming Day Lotion (2 oz)  I use this twice a day after taking a bath as a primer before I put on make-up and as a moisturizer before going to bed. I like to use this during the day only… Continue reading Forever Living Skin Care

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New Year, New Shampoo! 

I want to make sure I have a blog post on the first day of the year but I can't seem to think today. With no topic in mind, while everyone else seems to be talking about new things in their 2017 bucket list, resolutions and all the good stuff, the only list I made… Continue reading New Year, New Shampoo! 

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Wet n Wild Lipsticks

Hello ladies! I want to share these two lippies that I purchased from Carrefour Supermarket on my way to grab some cookies for my toddler. I was never keen in trying on the lippies from the supermarket until I saw these tubes which cost only 18 AED each.  I have to say Wet n Wild… Continue reading Wet n Wild Lipsticks

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Lunch Favorite from Automatic Restaurant & Grill

I usually prepare my lunch box but whenever I get really busy at work, I end up throwing away my packed lunch for the day. So whenever I know I am going to be busy or have ongoing projects, I prefer to order food when and if I remember to eat. Here is my favorite quick… Continue reading Lunch Favorite from Automatic Restaurant & Grill

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Losing the Pregnancy Weight

Some time after my daughter's second birthday, I have stopped saying "I just had a baby" as if it was some sort of free pass for my un-kept hair, unmanicured nails, bad fitting clothes and bulges in the wrong places. It took about 106 "fat jokes", 3 online order returns and 1 unforgettable incident of being… Continue reading Losing the Pregnancy Weight

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MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

Before I finish these two MAC products, let me give you a quick review. I am not a pro when it comes to putting on make-up. I pretty much do the same thing on a daily basis. I apply foundation, blush, lipstick and fill in my eyebrows. But when I passed by a MAC shop… Continue reading MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

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MAC Lipstick Review – 2016

It is about time I do a review on a few MAC lipstick colours that I used in 2016. I showed you 4 of my favorite colours in my previous post and I got completely drawn to MAC Taupe Lipstick in Matte finish and purchased the same colour three times in the past 2 years.… Continue reading MAC Lipstick Review – 2016

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Stain – Velvet 14

Hello Ladies! I want to share a quick review of Plum Plum Girl by Bourjois in the Rouge Velvet Edition. A friend of mine purchased this and I tried it on. She said the colour suits me so I went and purchased one myself. This is an unusual shade in my lipstick collection because I… Continue reading Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Stain – Velvet 14

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Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf

I am now on my second bottle of Flowerbomb. It is intoxicatingly fabulous. I never finished a bottle of perfume to the last drop. I usually get bored with fragrance after a few weeks but this is not the case with Viktor&Rolf's amazing Flowerbomb. The opening notes with citrus and candy-like scent may seem overpowering at… Continue reading Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf