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Pharmaceris Products

Since I have been buying all meds and formula from the pharmacy down the building, I have now become friends with the pharmacist. Since day one when I met her, she has been giving me testers of different products. And for some time I've been receiving some free Pharmaceris sample sachets.  I didn't use it… Continue reading Pharmaceris Products

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Wet n Wild Lipsticks

Hello ladies! I want to share these two lippies that I purchased from Carrefour Supermarket on my way to grab some cookies for my toddler. I was never keen in trying on the lippies from the supermarket until I saw these tubes which cost only 18 AED each.  I have to say Wet n Wild… Continue reading Wet n Wild Lipsticks

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MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

Before I finish these two MAC products, let me give you a quick review. I am not a pro when it comes to putting on make-up. I pretty much do the same thing on a daily basis. I apply foundation, blush, lipstick and fill in my eyebrows. But when I passed by a MAC shop… Continue reading MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

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MAC Lipstick Review – 2016

It is about time I do a review on a few MAC lipstick colours that I used in 2016. I showed you 4 of my favorite colours in my previous post and I got completely drawn to MAC Taupe Lipstick in Matte finish and purchased the same colour three times in the past 2 years.… Continue reading MAC Lipstick Review – 2016

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Stain – Velvet 14

Hello Ladies! I want to share a quick review of Plum Plum Girl by Bourjois in the Rouge Velvet Edition. A friend of mine purchased this and I tried it on. She said the colour suits me so I went and purchased one myself. This is an unusual shade in my lipstick collection because I… Continue reading Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Stain – Velvet 14

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MAC Lipstick Review – 2013

Putting on make up has been part of my everyday routine since I can't remember when. I posted a review on BENEFIT Cosmetics a few months ago and I probably should have reviewed MAC first because I've been using it for a few years. My sister recently requested me to write a review on some… Continue reading MAC Lipstick Review – 2013

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Benefit Cosmetic Review

I work in an environment that requires me to be presentable always to meet and greet high-level guests hence, it is a must for me to wear a little bit of make up. And through the years, I kept changing brands from Body Shop, Chanel, Mikyajy, MAC, and many others until one day, my friends and I decided… Continue reading Benefit Cosmetic Review