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A Poem for Mom

You taught me how to walk, One baby step at a time You always made sure that I am doing fine Every step of the way, you held my hand From the time I could crawl, until I can stand When I grew up, I needed you less You worried a lot that I would… Continue reading A Poem for Mom

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So we've all heard, parenting requires a lot of hard work, patience and self-control. For now, I can tell you that raising a toddler also requires a good imagination. Nobody warned me about the "Why" question. These past few weeks, my daughter has been testing my brain (and my patience) with the question "Why?".   A first time mom like… Continue reading Why?

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Shakespeare & Co. 

This is my favorite food from this restaurant: Fettuccine Alfredo with Bacon  Note: This doesn't come with bacon unless you request for it. Good portion. Very nice presentation. And above all, Yummy! A must-try!

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Pharmaceris Products

Since I have been buying all meds and formula from the pharmacy down the building, I have now become friends with the pharmacist. Since day one when I met her, she has been giving me testers of different products. And for some time I've been receiving some free Pharmaceris sample sachets.  I didn't use it… Continue reading Pharmaceris Products

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Papa John’s Pizza

I do watch what I eat these days but I still love to eat pizza from time to time. Our top picks are: Little Italy Pizza, All the Meat Pizza, Pepperoni Rolls and Buffalo Chicken

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Ikea Wooden Toys

I love wooden toys and I introduced Ikea's Mula Bead Roller Coaster  and Stacking Rings to my daughter when she was almost 10 months old. I love how colourful they are and the sound of the wood clicking together. She used to sit and spend so much time playing with these toys. She was amused… Continue reading Ikea Wooden Toys

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Toddler and an iPad

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed observing little kids at the malls and restaurants. There was some sort of trend with families eating together. Some parents give the kids their iPad to keep them busy so both Mommy and Daddy can enjoy a meal peacefully. I have to admit that at the time, I have… Continue reading Toddler and an iPad

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Forever Living Skin Care

Hello ladies. I promised to do a review of these products from Forever Living.   Firming Day Lotion (2 oz)  I use this twice a day after taking a bath as a primer before I put on make-up and as a moisturizer before going to bed. I like to use this during the day only… Continue reading Forever Living Skin Care

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Jar of Hope

My daughter calls cut, wound, rash, pain and even just a tiny spot on her skin  "wawa" (Arabic word for boo-boo) Mommy sometimes just kisses the wawa away but for an even quicker relief, we always have this Jar of Hope by INDIGObaby. Made from blue chamomile essential oil and 100% natural. This is a… Continue reading Jar of Hope