Jump Boxx – Uptown Mirdiff

I know a lot of moms are very cautious when it comes to what and where kids play. I, for one, always worry when letting my kid play on a trampoline as a bad landing may cause serious injury. I also don't like that some play areas (will not disclose the names) have unsupervised trampolines … Continue reading Jump Boxx – Uptown Mirdiff


A Day at Kids HQ

Eid Mubarak everyone! It is a wonderful weekend to celebrate Eid with the family. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We have one extremely excited kid. No school, both Mom and Dad are home, lots of playtime, no bedtime rules! We surprised her with this new toy that she's been asking for in the past … Continue reading A Day at Kids HQ

Funky Monkey

Raising a very active toddler keeps me active too. She enjoys her time at play areas but still refuses to go on her own. She still wants mommy to run around with her and that means I climb, slide and crawl into mazes too. It is exhausting but trust me, it is fun! Another play … Continue reading Funky Monkey

Fischer Tip Creativ

Hello Mommies and Daddies! Here is another fun activity that I want to share with you. My toddler enjoys creative activities like drawing, coloring, pasting and cutting paper. So here is a great kit that I got for her - Fischer Tip Creativ. It is a fantastic activity for children age 3 years and above. All … Continue reading Fischer Tip Creativ