Dubai Motion Gate

Every year our company organizes a team building event. Though our families were also invited to join, I was unable to go to last year's group activity at IMG World because it was not really a place where I can take my toddler to. The rides there are extreme and I am not a fan … Continue reading Dubai Motion Gate


Little Red Riding Hood Puppet

Sharing these cute little puppets from Fiestacraft. My daughter loves playing with the puppets. Using these puppets make story-telling more fun! You can order these from @picky_momma via Instagram.

At the Top (Burj Khalifa)

Hello friends! It is the end of the year and I thought I should do this quick post after dropping by at Dubai Mall this evening. Dubai Shopping Festival started yesterday so the malls are packed with shoppers filling their carts with fantastic bargains everywhere. My daughter and I went to Dubai Mall to pick … Continue reading At the Top (Burj Khalifa)

Fischer Tip Creativ

Hello Mommies and Daddies! Here is another fun activity that I want to share with you. My toddler enjoys creative activities like drawing, coloring, pasting and cutting paper. So here is a great kit that I got for her - Fischer Tip Creativ. It is a fantastic activity for children age 3 years and above. All … Continue reading Fischer Tip Creativ