Peppa Pig Paints

There was a time when my daughter was super obsessed with Peppa Pig. She insisted to buy Peppa lunch box, Peppa Bag, Peppa shirt and everything Peppa. And because she loves painting, one day she asked me to buy her Peppa Pig paint. I could not find it anywhere and even if I did, I … Continue reading Peppa Pig Paints


The Mommy Brain 

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is prepare my daughter's food for the nursery - breakfast, lunch and snack. Once I'm done, I get ready for work. As a working mom, I often feel guilty for leaving home while my daughter is still asleep. But I rush everyday to avoid … Continue reading The Mommy Brain 

To My Loving Mom

You taught me how to walk, One baby step at a time You always made sure that I am doing fine Every step of the way, you held my hand From the time I could crawl, until I can stand When I grew up, I needed you less You worried a lot that I would … Continue reading To My Loving Mom