Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Reader,

I am delighted to have you on my blog. Not so many people have stumbled on to my page. Most of my readers are family, relatives and friends. But no matter who you are and where you are in the world, know that I am truly grateful for your time. I hope my blog can entertain you or keep you company even for a few minutes each day.

I write about random topics – life, love, friendship, my motherhood journey, poems, product reviews and whatever comes to mind. Some of my posts could be a bit dramatic, some are insightful and some are just pointless rants. I am happy that some of you have actually followed my blog for years although I have been inactive for awhile. Get to know me a little bit about me and maybe we can be friends.

On the main menu, you will also find the tabs that will lead you to the Toy Store that I manage online and the Retail Store to Forever Living Products. I personally devote my time in responding to all the inquiries I receive from both websites.

Please feel free to share my site link to your friends and family and invite them to follow my blog. If you do like any of my posts and would like to re-post it, kindly credit or link back to my blog.

For suggestions and comments, you may send me an email at zarinasjournal@gmail.com or you may simply leave your messages at the comments section of the post. I will try my best to respond to you guys.